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By Marianne Williamson

One of the fundamentals of a metaphysical worldview is that human beings have free will. We can think and act with love, OR we can think and act without love - which is fear. Clearly, the terrorists who perpetrated the acts on September 11, 2001 chose to think and act without love. But God Himself will not violate the Law of Free Will; to do so would be to violate His own creation.

We have all heard it said that everyone has their own "higher power." I believe that in every heart there is a beckoning voice, reminding each of us always to be love and act with love. But we do not always -- because we do not have to -- either hear this voice or attend to it. In the case of some people, the turning away from love has become so constant and habitual as to make them, in the words of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, "temporarily inaccessible to the power of the Atonement." We have obviously witnessed this week the behavior of such people.

This is a time when we are challenged to view the world through a deeply spiritual lens. There is a dimension of pure holiness and pure love which is God itself, and that dimension is our ultimate Reality. The world as we know it is a kind of mass hallucination, and while, within this dimension, tragedies do occur, they neither reflect nor modify the ultimate truth of who we are. That is why those who died in this tragic situation, lost their bodies but they did not die. While the body is destructible, the spirit is not.

Therefore, when we ask "Where was God in all this?", the answer is that He was and is right here, keeping every soul safe in the palm of His hands. He did not cause these events, nor did He will them. This tragedy reflects choices made by those who had turned their hearts from love. He heals the world not by interfering with the effects of our lovelessness, but by calling us back to love.

As far as the angels are concerned, I think they worked overtime on September 11 and I think they are working overtime right now. Angels are the thoughts of God. It is not for any of us to know the deeper workings, on a soul level, of the karmic paths of any single person involved in any of these events.

Let's not forget: God did not do this. People did.

Dear God,
Return all hearts to love,
Awaken the spirit of God in all of us,
And thus remind us that indeed we are brothers.
May the walls which divide us melt.
May the hatred that would destroy us be cast out.
May Your Love now save us
From the fear in our hearts.