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TEN little Star members,

Happy, doing fine;

One listened to a rumor,

Then there were NINE.

NINE little Star Members,

Faithful, never late;

One didn't like the Matron

Then there were EIGHT.

EIGHT little Star members,

On their way to Heaven;

One joined too many clubs,

Then there were SEVEN.

SEVEN little Star members,

Life dealt some hard licks;

One grew discouraged,

Then there were SIX.

SIX little Star members,

All very much alive,

One lost her interest,

Then there were FIVE.

FIVE little Star members,

Wishing there were more;

Got into a great dispute,

Then there were FOUR.

FOUR little Star members,

Busy as could be;

One didn't like the programs,

Then there were THREE.

THREE little Star members,

Was one of them you?

One grew tired of working,

Then there were TWO.

TWO little Star members,

And so much to be done;

One said "What's the use?"

Then there was ONE.

ONE little Star member,

Found a sister, true,

Brought her to the Chapter,

Then there were TWO.

TWO little Star members,

Didn't find work a bore;

Each brought another,

Then there were FOUR

FOUR little Star members,

Saved their Chapter's fate

By showing others kindness,

Then there were EIGHT,

EIGHT little Star members

Loving their Star's sheen,

Talked so much about it,

They soon had SIXTEEN

SIXTEEN Star members,

To Obligations true,

Were pleased when their number


THIRTY-TWO Star members

Seeking Heaven's door

Soon enlarged their Chapter

To a nice SIXTY-FOUR

So we can't put our troubles

At the Chapter's door;

It's our fault for dimming

The Star that we adore.

Don't fuss about the programs,

Or the Matron in the East;

Keep your Vow by serving

Even the very least.

You will have the Star shine

Glowing in each heart;

Have a lively Chapter,

When each one does a part.