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Gerald G. Jampolsky and Diane V. Cirincione


Attitudinal Healing is the realization that it is not other people, events, stressful experiences or circumstances outside ourselves that cause us to be in conflict or upset. Rather, it is our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes and judgment about those things that actually cause us distress.

Thoughts I can choose to remember ...

 1.  Learn from my mistakes as well as those of others, and then let
      them go.

 2.  Only my own thoughts hurt me and only my own forgiveness
      sets me free.

 3.  The purpose of my relationships is to join, not separate.

 4.  Ask myself the question daily: Am I here to love or am I here
       to judge?

 5.  Remind myself that I am a spiritual being.

 6.  See no value in punishing myself with my thoughts.

 7.  Be willing to see the light and not the lampshade in others.

 8.  Be willing to see no shadow in anyone's past, including my own.

 9.  Remember that forgiveness is the greatest healer of all.

10. See no value in hurting others or myself with either my words
      or thoughts.

11. I may not be able to control the outside world, but I can control
      the thoughts in my own mind.

12. There is no enemy, no one is to blame.

13. Staying in the present prevents my getting stuck in the fear
      of the past or future.

14. Choose to see others as either loving, or as fearful and giving a
      call for help.

15. Be willing to ask each other for help, rather than attacking
      each other.

16. The best way to prevent burnout is to let go of all of my judgments.

17. Resist the temptation to gossip and spread rumors.

18. Be willing to be vulnerable.

19. Let go of any need to control others.

20. Others don't have to change in order for me to be happy.

21. Trust that change can ultimately have positive,
      rather than negative, results.

22. Accept responsibility for my own happiness.

23. Choose peace of mind as my own goal each and every day.

24. Forgiving others and myself totally and with no exceptions,
      is the key to inner peace, happiness, hope and freedom.

25. Be willing to meet for a short time daily with family, colleagues,
      or friends with the motivation of focusing on one
      of these thoughts throughout the day.

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