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    First of all countable numbers.
    The beginning of process in nature and sequence of worldly events.
    One counts "something from something."
    "One nation in the land."
    One counts "something from nothing."
    "G-d is One": the absolute unity of G-d.
    "There is none other besides Him:" "One, single, and unique."
    One counts "nothing from something."

Whenever your attention is called to the number 1
let it remind you of the One God, One Life the oneness and Brotherhood of Mankind.

The symbol of DUALITY

    The beginning of manifest plurality.
    The dualistic nature of Creation.
    Hierarchic complexity.
    The soul is described as "the second to the King."
    Joseph: the Prism effect--the revelation of mind.
    Mordechai: the Time effect--the revelation of heart.
    Divine power of Self to contain two opposites.
    Concealment of Divine essence and revelation of His light.
    Concealment and revelation of light to lower and higher states of consciousness.
    "The two companions that never separate."
    Two represents the divine principle of manifestation of material form of spiritual conceptions.
    Two is the intellectual attribute of the analyzation of thought process.
    Two is the emotional attribute calmness.

When contemplating the number 2 let it remind you of the 2 expressions of the Divine in Humanity-MAN and WOMAN.


The number of DIVINE LOVE

    Numerical symbol of stability and balance.
    Equilibrium between the three primary elements
    of Creation: air, water, and fire. Past, Present and Future
   Three Fathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
   Three parts of the Torah: The Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings.
    "Three bonds are bounded together: Israel, Torah, and G-d."
    Three represents the divine principle of forgiveness.
    Three is the intellectual attribute of understanding.
    Three is the emotional attribute of tenderness.
    Three is the associated with the planet Venus.

When you think about the number 3 let it remind you of  of the Holy Trinity; Father Son and Holy spirit .

The most Perfect of Numbers

    Four elements of the physical world: fire, air, water, and earth.
    Solid, liquid, gas, combustion.
    Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen.
    The four physical forces: gravity, electromagnetic, strong, weak.
    Man, animal, vegetable, and inanimate objects. Four sides of the sacred symbol the square.
    Four seasons of the year; Four directions. North South East and West
    The four worlds: Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah.
    Four matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah.
    Jacob's four wives: Rachel, Leah, Bilhah, and Zilpah.
    The four sons and the four cups of wine of the Seder
    The four expressions (levels) of redemption.
    Four feet of the Divine Throne: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David.
    Father, mother, son, daughter: the first commandment of the Torah:
    "Be fruitful and multiply." 
    The Holy City was laid in 4 square,
    Four Angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Phannel; The four Gospels
        Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.
    Four represents the divine principle of wisdom.
    Four is the intellectual attribute of absorption of knowledge.
    Four is the emotional attribute of pride.
    The four great Regent symbolized by the four sacred animals of Ezekiel, Daniel and the Apocalypse, namely the Bull, The Lion, the Eagle and the Man. The four mysitcal rivers in Genesis.

When you think about the number 4 let it remind you to always be honest and square with you fellow man.

The Number of Man

    Symbol of division.
    Five origins of speech in the mouth.
    Five fingers of the hand.
    Five visible planets in the solar system.
    The five vanities in the opening verse of Ecclesiastes. The Five pointed Star.
    Five levels of the soul.
    Five times "Bless G-d, my soul" in Psalms 103 and 104.
    Five voices of the joy of bride and groom.
    Five Books of Moses.
    Five voices at the giving of the Torah.
    Five times light in the first day of Creation.
    Five final letters.
    Five redemption's.
    Five represents the divine principle of reflection.
    Five is the intellectual attribute of reverie.
    Five is the emotional attribute of repose.
    Five is the associated with the planet Jupiter.

Let the number 5 remind you 1st that man is both human and divine, and as you stand in the center of your universe that you are responsible for the use of the gifts that God has disposed upon you.   


The number of Nature and the Christ force evolving toward perfection

    Six Days of Creation, and their six corresponding Divine forces active in creation.
    Six letters of the word bereishit, "In the beginning."
    The number of toil and labor according to the Commandments;     Six is the intellectual attribute of applied Knowledge.
    Six is the emotional attribute of righteous anger.
    Seven deadly Sins.
    The six pointed Star of David.
    Six-millennium duration of the world.
    Six directions of the physical world.
    Six wings (states of love and fear in the soul) of the fiery angels. 
    Six represents the divine principle of intuition.
    Six is the intellectual attribute of aspiration.
    Sis is the emotional attribute of self-indulgence.
    Six is the associated with the planet Venus.
    Six cubits - the dimensions of the Tablets received by Moses at Mt. Sinai.

Let the number 6 remind you of the upspringing power of nature and the universal Urge toward Perfection which is inherent in all things.

Seven - "All sevens are dear and Perfect."

    Maximal compactness.
    The seventh day of Creation - Sabbath.
    Seven consecutive months in which fall the three Festivals.
    The sabbatical year; The jubilee year, after 7 times 7 years.
    The seventh millennium.
    Seven fruits of Israel; Seven seas; Seven heavens.
    Seven chambers of Paradise.
    Seven is the number of completion or perfection.
    The word "swear" literally means to do seven times.
    The sum of all primary numbers.
    Seven represents the divine principle of the triumph of Good over evil.
Seven ages of Man.
    Seven colors of the Spectrum.
    Seven notes of Music.
    Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
    Seven days of the week.
    Seven lamps of the menorah;
    Seven shepherds of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David.
    Seven circuits, seven blessings, and seven days of celebration of groom and bride.
    Seven "eyes" of G-d watch over all Creation.
    Seven sentences form the cross.
    Seven weeks between Pentecost and Passover.
    Naaman was told to dip seven times in the river Jordon.
    St. John worte about The seven Spirits that stood before the throne.

Let the number seven remind you of perfection in all things.