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Daughters of Isis


Isis was an Egyptian goddess of fertility, the sister and wife of Osirus. She was the daughter of Seb, also known as Cronus, and Nut, known as Rhea. Her name is expressed in hieroglyphics by a seat or throne. In her celestial character, she wears on her head a sun's disk with a cow's horns as a crown.

In the inscription, she is styled as the mother goddess, or great mother, mistress of heaven, regent of the gods and queen of the Upper and Lower country of Egypt. Egyptian accounts state that Isis ruled over the State during the absence of Osirus and her name appears in a cartouche as one of the gods of the 2nd dynasty who rules Egypt. She also appears as the goddess of the lower world when Rameses III descended to Hades and plays at the draughts with her, winning a golden napkin which he brings back to earth.

The Daughters of Isis is the woman's auxiliary to the Ancient Arabic Order of Noble Mystic Shrine...