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CANCER -The Crab
Those born between June 21  to July 22
Keyword: I feel.

Water sign ruled by the Moon. It is the Moon which determines Cancerian's "lunatic" behavior: a continuous alternation of melancholy and joy. Cancerians are sweet, conservative, capricious, enigmatic and fanciful. They love living in luxury, traveling, and taking care of their house (decorating it with old and curious objects) they love past and tradition. They fear the uncertainty of what's new and of future things, and hate violence in all its forms. They are extremely shy, possessive and romantic, and tend to bind themselves to the persons they love. Cancerians' most suited jobs are: interior designer, antiquary, lawyer, cook and butler .

Cancer Traits

On the bright side....

On the dark side....

Financial wizard


Ferocious temper


Has to be Center of Attention
Self Centered
Self Pitying

like Mr. Rogers says, “Can you say the word, ‘passive aggressive paybacks?’ I thought you could.”





A comfortable life
Expensive things
Delicious food & wine
A beautiful home


Manipulative people
Sex fiends
Being controlled

The emblem for Cancer is the Crab, a creature with a very hard shell which protects a soft interior. The crab walks sideways, which is how the Cancerian skirts around a problem until forced to take it on with gritty determination and a creative flair. The crab's large claws hang on to its possessions for dear life, just as the Cancerian collects things to beautify the environment and bravely defends the home turf.

Paradoxically combining a love of travel with a deep need for security, they surround themselves with sentimental objects from the past, including souvenirs, hand-me-downs and keepsakes. Cancerians are remarkably good at accumulating things; indeed, you can be unwilling to throw anything out, even relationships that have passed their use-by date.

Cancer people are also good with money and generally takes a long-term view. The main thing Cancers need to remember is not to let the powerful, turbulent emotions of the moment crowd out their normally rational judgment. Their intuitions are reliable and should be trusted; they may even have natural psychic powers, which may be developed, given the right circumstances.

Cancerians make good business people, combining artistry, originality and drive with an understanding of financial matters, marketing and the needs of the public. Cancer people hold on to money as tenaciously as they do to everything else that belongs to them. To Cancers money spells security, yet no matter how much wealth you accumulate they never feel really secure. That is true of their emotional security also.

Cancer people are intuitive, but they need to generate a faith in themselves that will not be dampened by gloom or depression over what, in retrospect, may appear to be relatively insignificant problems. They have the natural ability to be diplomatic and to speak out when necessary or keep their mouth shut. Home and family ties will be significant in their lives and developing a secure, comfortable home environment will be a boon to their state of mind, irrespective of their marital state.

Physical fitness or sports activities can become important ways for Cancerians to work out emotional stress. Team sports are fun, they tend to adopt team members as part of an extended family. Swimming, fishing, sailing and other water activities attract you, along with skiing, ice skating, and mountain climbing. Cancerians are creative. Even those Cancerians who may not have any particular talent can use some involvement with art, music, or writing as another method of emotional release, rather than indulging in eating binges or other destructive habits. Living or spending time near the water is a relaxing, as well as creatively stimulating environment for Cancerians.

Cancer rules the stomach, diaphragm, upper liver and breasts. People with Cancer active in their charts are subject to coughs, indigestion, gas, gallstones, general problems with stomach, liver and intestines, plus emotional disorders such as depression, hypochondria and hysteria.

Ideal colors for the Crab are white, silver, and pale yellow. Cancer rules metallic silver, while both the ruby and the pearl are the traditional Cancerian birthstones. Silver reflects its environment in its shiny polished surface, yet it can tarnish and become dull unless properly cared for. In the same way, your sensitive nature reflects the people and circumstances surrounding you. The precious ruby, a variety of corundum, is one of the hardest minerals known, while the pearl is soft and easily scratched. Here we have the two contrasting sides of the Cancerian personality: hard and determined, yet simultaneously soft and vulnerable. Cancerian flowers are the water lily (lotus), iris, white poppy, white carnation and southern magnolia.

Emotions run high in the Cancerian soul. Things can get pretty steamy in there, for there is a conflict between their desire for emotional security and a need for creative expression, either or both of which may be stimulated by the right partner (or partners).

Althoough Cancers may attempt to hide it from others, but Cancer is the number 1 most sensitive and feeling member of the Zodiacal family. That's the reason for the notorious Crab shell. Cancer's hard, but very thin, shell is simply there for protection. Because of Cancer's extreme sensitivity, they tend to go at things in a sideways, indirect manner. After all, directly going for what one wants, leaves one open to the risk of rejection. (Cancer's biggest emotional fear).

Sometimes the Cancerian shell is so thick, that they simply use others for their own satisfaction, unless they can figure out a way to break through their amour. In so doing, they may be overwhelmed by the sheer emotional torrent that is released.

Cancers are moody. Admirers may find it hard to deal with their inexplicable changes, so the best thing for those born under the sign of Cancer is to make a conscious effort to work on the positive side of any upsetting situation. Admirers should also know that making your Cancer love interest the centre of their attention and dealing with their mother fixation by complimenting and spoiling you rotten is the best way to achieve their desires.

A trait which others might find annoying about Cancers is that they are most likely passive-aggressive. This can lead to a lot of stubbornness on their part. They do, however, pay attention to details and are usually punctual, exact, and efficient. But let others beware: and no-one can make a cancer do anything that they don't want to do.

Cancer people are great listeners and are emotionally sensitive. If they have a problem, such as worries about their family or money, they are more likely to brood over it than to seek solace or solutions. Deep down, all they want is to feel safe, secure, and loved. This aspect of their personality goes hand-in-hand with their strong domestic urge. There is little more that they would like than to settle down and create a home. Cancer people do well in relationships because they are a good diplomats whenever problems arise, and they never forget a single moment of anything that ever happens. Partnerships are preferable to Cancerian, as the thought of loneliness is frightening. If they can control the mood swings and tendency to retreat into their shell at the merest hint of trouble, they can do very well.

Affirmations for Cancers

"I know that my feelings are an expression of the Divine within me. I celebrate and share them with others."

"Within me is a great and special light. I honor the wisdom it contains and am faithful to it."

"I accept the cycles of my feelings and life, knowing that this is right and natural for me."


As with all sun signs, we all have unique traits to our personalities. When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise. However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. As a Cancerian you may see things below that really strike home. Try the solution, you most likely will be amazed at the results. If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive.

PROBLEM: You can be oversensitive and something of a clinging vine which may cause you to harbor imaginary hurts and slights, this can make for highly unsettling conditions with your spouse.
SOLUTION: Be sure that the love you are expressing is not simply your need to hang own to someone for moral support, and if necessary, you should seek professional help in order to overcome this negative, clinging aspect of your personality.

PROBLEM: One of your biggest personality flaws, next to neediness, is the habit of being so self absorbed that you sometimes fail to notice what others are doing and accomplishing in their lives, you feel shut out and jealous if a family member has more success than you do.
SOLUTION: You should make a special effort to change this in yourself by forcing yourself to rejoice over their good fortune and when you do this you find that it will eventually become a habit and you as well as they will be happier for the change.

PROBLEM: Your inability to take orders without getting angry or upset may be another one of your problems and this one could be very serious as it affects your chances of earning a good living for yourself and/or your family, since you are quite apt to walk away from any job where you feel 'picked on'.
SOLUTION: Try keeping an ear out and find out how the ones who have been on the job for any length of time gets along with the boss and coworkers. If you follow his lead or simply decide that you will simply keep quiet and follow orders you will soon see how well you can be really liked by all concerned.

PROBLEM: You also have a problem with putting things off until the last minute which upsets your family and friends. This also has a tendency to make an unpleasant matter even more unpleasant when you procrastinate.
SOLUTION: Make taking care of the business at hand your prime objective from now on for, when you do not have all those worries in the back of your mind you will find it more pleasant to be around people, and you will also find that life goes smoothly for you from then on.

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