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Order of Amaranth


The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal organization composed of Master Masons and their properly qualified female relatives. In its teachings, the members are emphatically reminded of their duties to God, to their country and to their fellow beings. They are urged to portray, by precept and example, their belief in the Golden Rule and by conforming to the virtues inherent in TRUTH, FAITH, WISDOM and CHARITY they can prove to others the goodness promulgated by the Order.

The extent of its Charitable Work and overall Benevolence is limited only by the opportunities that exist, and the ability to secure adequate funding. Its Philanthropic project is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation.

About three hundred years ago in Sweden, a little girl just six years old named Christina became the ruler of that country. As she grew to womanhood, she was very fond of things beautiful, cultured and of social importance. During her reign as Queen, she created the Order of the Amarantha for the ladies and knights of her royal court, building it around the character of Lady Amarantha, who was portrayed as being a beautiful, virtuous and talented Lady of the Court. Queen Christina herself acted the part of Lady Amarantha; and the name of the Order was chosen because of the beautiful never-fading red Amaranthus flowers growing in profusion in Spain and Portugal.

The Order was perpetuated and exists in the Royal Court of Sweden now. As originally created by Queen Christina, the Royal and Social Order of the Amarantha had no more connection with Masonry than did the beautiful Catholic Cathedrals constructed by masons and by builders of old, before the structure of Masonry was developed and embodied in our present day Fraternity.

In 1860, Brother James B. Taylor from Newark, NJ, attempted to compose the material to start a new fraternal society. He learned that in 1653, Queen Christina of Sweden had combined a group of Sir Knights and Ladies together to have gala parties. She called this group the Order of the Amaranta. Brother Taylor was so impressed with what he had read that he copied many of the symbols and much of the phraseology used therein. He even copied the name, the Order of the Amaranth.

The Supreme Council of the Order of the Amaranth was organized in New York City, on June 14th, 1873, by Robert McCoy, 33 Degree Vicar General of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, of the United States. Robert McCoy's intention was to make three Degree's one of the Eastern Star, one of the Queen of the South, and one of the Amaranth. With the Degree's being given separately by the several orders, but under the control of a single body. In 1915, the Emblem of the Amaranth was adopted and patented, during the same year, papers of incorporation were filed under the laws of the State of New York.

Brother Robert Macoy obtained the material that Brother Taylor had written about the Amaranth, and revised and perfected it into ritualistic form so that it could be used as the ritual for the third degree. From 1873 until 1921, all members of the Amaranth were required to join the Order of the Eastern Star first, and to maintain this membership to be able to stay members of the Amaranth. In 1921, by mutual agreement, this requirement ceased. They are now completely separate organizations.

In 1895, Robert Macoy died. New officers arranged for the Supreme Council of the Order of the Amaranth to hold its first meeting of its officers and members in 1897. Since then, and Annual Meeting has been held each year. Under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council we have forty-three Grand Courts each being statewide, located in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Philippines and Scotland. There are also Subordinate Courts in Hawaii, New Zealand and Ireland. Interestingly enough, not all states in the US have Grand Courts.